Northern Shaolin Chuan

Northern Shaolin Chuan, or Long Fist, is usually learned first.  Shaolin is an external style emphasizing leg strength and stability in stances.  Kicking, blocking, punching, flexibility, conditioning, balance, and coordination are developed through martial arts routines called "forms."  Shaolin uses large extended, circular movements to improve overall body mobility in the muscles, tendons, and joints.  Shaolin students gain a high level of proficiency in self-defense and confidence, as well as an excellent foundation for pursuing the more difficult internal styles of Tai Chi ChuanHsing-I Chuan, and Pa Kua Chuan.  

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2-person 20 Methods form. 

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Chin Na 
Chin Na has taken a firm hold as one of the leading Chinese Martial Arts ever since its emergence approximately 370 years ago during the Ming Dynasty.  In the Chinese language, Chin Na roughly translates into two words: "Seize" (Chin) and "Control" (Na).  From this definition, the implication is that the major purpose of Chin Na is to "Quiet" or stop an aggressive action without maiming or injuring to a serious extent.  Chin Na techniques are separated into four basic categories: misplacing the bone, dividing the muscle, sealing the breath or vein, and nerve cavity press. 

Click here to view an April 2008 Inside Kung-Fu article on Chin Na featuring Master Randy Elia and Sifu Tom Carney.

Adult and Children's Martial Arts Classes
The Shaolin program at Peter Kwok's Kung Fu Academy provides martial arts instruction for people of all ages. If you're thinking of viewing a class, feel free to look over the schedule for adult or children's kung fu classes. 

For detailed information on the children's kung fu program, please visit our Kid's Kung Fu page.

Sifu Tom Carney with Master Randy Elia
(photo by Tom Dolcelli)
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