Pa Kua Chuan

Pa Kua Chuan, a fairly new art dating back about 200 years, is a powerful martial art focused on healing the body through breathing and movements.

Pa kua is characterized by the circular movements of the practioner. Students complete circles in varying directions and movements across the room in eight-step stanzas. Movement is coupled with hand structures intent on blocking, trapping, or attacking the opponent. The circular movement allows the fighter to avoid direct attack and find themselves able to take advantage of their opponent’s “blind spots” such as directly behind. A person practicing Pa kua will focus on balance, fluidity, and body unity to time the movements, breathing, and step all into one. The idea is to be continuously moving with the image of “floating through clouds.” 

The focus on balance, fluidity, and body unity coupled with the gentle, low-impact movements make this an ideal style for promoting healing. 

Click here to see video of Master Randy Elia performing 
Pa Kua Chuan Original Form #4.


Pa kua symbol

The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
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